Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday and Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah

Today was a beautiful Monday! Monday the starter of the week, months and day. Let's talk about New Year first. Well today, muslims celebrate a new year which is to be called Tahun Baru Hijrah. Hijrah is usually used for the muslim calendar, we used it as same as we use the january, february etc, but we are making our months:
  1. Muharam
  2. Safar
  3. Rabiulawal
  4. Rabiulakhir
  5. Jamadilawal
  6. Jamadilakhir
  7. Rejab
  8. Sa'ban
  9. Ramadhan
  10. Syawal
  11. Zulkaedah
  12. Zulhijrah
Look, it's almost the same, we have 12 months. So today is 1st Muharam 1432.We had a little prayer at the mosque just now.... The prayer (Do'a) was a bit long.



Well, every people celebrate it in different ways, but here, in my country, we celebrate it by praying, read do'a and islamic activities.Please do tell me, how you celebrate it in your country.... =D

So back to our starter:

Today was a beautiful Monday! Monday the starter of the week, months and day. Now we talked about what's happening today. 6 December 2010, for the historic day of my life. YeS! It's 

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!


OMG! This is really X-Large =D

Even though i didn't celebrate it this year ='( but it still one of the best.You know why? It's because  

ALL of my BESTFRIENDS greeted me in very early in the morning. It's like 12am and it's just only passed 3 mins, more than 5 people already greeted me a happy birthday. This includes:

  1. My First bestfriend
  2. My Second bestfriend
  3. My thirth bestfriend
  4. My fourth bestfriend
  5. And it all folowed by my friends
YES! I was really happy!!! =D Some of them even message my phone like this one:
Zim! Happy 16th Birthday :D hee~ have a great day ;D enjoy!Sorry if i woke you up, i'm not sure which is yournumber~ so i sent this greeting to both your #  - LUCY via MOBILE

 And even most of them use the technology, i mean internet, such as facebook:

Lutfil Hamdani Happy Birthday Hazim! :D from me and Lucy Meringue. Have a blast !

Qawi Rajak happy birthday jim :D

Harish Amirul hey my best friend,happy b'day!muga pnjg umur n murah rezeki

Kim Roseli happpy birthday hazim kawanku!!

Adib M. Zain Happy birthday,old friend. May your day be filled with happiness.

And most importantly, my best teacher and bestfriend ever!!!!!!

Agerico Depala Happy Birthday! dont 4get mine! hahaha

 Well, maybe you don't mind if i enjoy my day?


PS: I don't know why is it bold... but have fun ya'll

Random birthday cake! =P



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